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  • This full access pass includes all classes, seminars, pool parties, nighttime shows, and all party nights for 4 days and 4 nights. Normally $150! (Minimum of 3 Nights at the Resort Required)

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NOTE:  Regular Rooms hold  up to (4).  

Please help us raise $10k for Mental Health!

Just $20 help us get to our Goal but even $5 Helps🙏


Terms & Agreements

Valid ID is required to match the person on the reservation. Tickets cannot be transferred to anyone. Tickets are only valid with active Resort Reservations. We reserve the right to admission. Every Guest is liable and responsible for their own safety and health during the event. You agree that the Hyatt nor The Unity of Dance Festival will be responsible for any injuries or health-related issues. With this admission, you agree to follow all the safety procedures in place such as; Masks throughout all public areas other than inside the Ballroom, use proper exits and entrances, use the water stations following the covid safety protocols, and all other Hyatt safety protocols in place. Not following the guidelines can result in being taken out of the event and property at your own cost. Any tickets given to individuals not staying on property will result in the entire party under the reservation to be removed from the event. Lastly, you agree to respect others and their own decisions during the entire event. By signing this I understand that all this information including reservation number is valid.

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